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Nike Tracksuits 2018

Nike Tracksuits 2018

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Nike Tracksuits 2018

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The hardships of these adventurous and dedicated soldiers are unconceivable to some of us today. They were young men of almost a century ago, doing their job for King and Empire but more important, they were our grandfathers, our great grandfathers and great uncles. They are my personal heroes. These young men are Canada's heroes.

The price of victory was almost too great for such a young nation. Approximately 600,000 young men enlisted and over the course of this four year conflict ten percent of that number, 60,000, were killed in action, went missing, or died of their wounds and disease.

Nike Tracksuits 2018

I enlisted on Jan 4th and reported for duty Jan 5th at Queen's Park in London, Ontario. The Battalion is about a month old at this time and filling rapidly. I am given a uniform and blankets also a miscellaneous collection of 'junk' said to be necessary to this life of soldiering. After about two hours I get said 'junk' into some sort of order. Winnett, being an old soldier of one month, is a great help to me. Thus I spend my first morning in the army.

As these young soldiers become drilled and became more seasoned, they were deployed to England for more training, usually under stiff British command. Generally the battalion that these young men were assigned to when they enlisted in Canada was dissolved and they were placed in different Canadian battalions or regiments where needed to fill in at the Front.

We 'rookies' are told to get our junk and move to a section of the barracks by ourselves. I and a young lad are put to sleep side by side on a top bunk. I strike up an acquaintance with the kid, and find that his name is Reg Jarvis and that he is seventeen years old.

following is taken from my great uncle, Private Frank Thomspon's diary. He joined the cause in London, Ontario in January 1916.

white linen cloth like I have been used to at home, I find the table covered with clean (?) oil cloth, the food is slung onto the tables by men who have sacks round them for aprons. They look like denizens [an alien admitted to residence] of the lower regions with their dirty faces and greasy khaki overalls and shirts, which Winnett tells me are fatigue clothes. He tells me that I have them in my junk pile and I begin to think that I will sometime have the job.

Nike Tracksuits 2018

The bugle blows again and we go for our supper. This consists of bread, butter, cheese, tea (?) and the favourite fruit of the soldier 'stewed prunes'. If you serve in the Canadian Army you will know what a sweet look comes over a chap's face when he finds this Nike Tracksuits 2018 delicacy for supper and how he thanks the cook if he happens to find a good chew of tobacco mixed in with them.

Nike Tracksuits 2018

Nike Tracksuits 2018

Nike Tracksuits 2018

Nike Tracksuits 2018

Nike Tracksuits 2018

The conditions they fought and lived in were deplorable. There was the never ending rain and ankle to knee deep mud. In the beginning of WW1 the quality of the Canadian issued equipment was poor and inadequate. For instance, army issued boots had soles with a thin leather cover over cardboard, making them a 'sodden mess' in a very short time. The shovel that was issued to these soldiers in the beginning was equally a joke. It was Nike Tracksuit Grey Girls

Soldiers dealt with lice making their wool uniforms even itchier, living in trenches where rats ran ramped about them, diseases of trench foot, fevers and influenza weakened their bodies. The sounds of shells exploding about them affected an already anxious nervous system and the loneliness for a warm friendly face of home was sometimes too great to overcome.

They came from all walks of life, from the farms of rural Canada, underground mines and from rugged forests of the north. They also came from universities, from offices and shops in the cities. These young men, some as young as seventeen, were new immigrants or sons of immigrants, to this country of Canada. When war was declared that late summer of 1914, these young men enlisted. They wanted adventure, to do their family proud, and to do their bit for King and Empire. Besides, this war wasn't going to last long.

suppose to be a soldier's digging tool as well as doubling for a shield for protection. They were useless on both accounts and therefore scrapped. As for the Canadian Ross Rifle, which was accurate but very frustrating for these soldiers under war conditions, didn't like mud and would regularly jam. Many Canadian soldiers were accidentally killed trying to 'unjam' their weapon.

When the bugle blows for dinner, Winnett comes and gets me. I take a knife, fork and spoon out of my pile of junk and hike over to the mess house with the rest of the fellows. We get into the mess house and here I get a great shock. Instead of a nice Nike Sportswear Pullover Hoodie

A soldier's life

My first dinner, I am given a plate with something on it. I find the 'something' consists of some cabbage, a potato with its coat on, a piece of stuff I finally diagnosed as beef. If that was beef, it had done a lot of ploughing in its time, as I had to literally hold it down with one foot while I kicked it to pieces with the other. After dinner we go back to the barrack room and rest till two o'clock, a bugle blows and all the fellows go out and line up. I am told to go and fall in with the recruits at the rear of the battalion. I find that the recruits are all new men like myself. We are drilled by a long, vicious looking man that the officer calls Sergeant Johnson. I quickly find out that he is somewhat of a tartar and he keeps us on the hump till four o'clock when we cease drill for the day.

Nike Tracksuits 2018

Nike Tracksuits 2018

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