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None of this is meant as investment advice. It is merely a for your information explanation of a product that is gaining popularity as of this writing. If you are doing well in your real estate investments, this may be the perfect place to stash dollars for your years.

After all, you won stop needing money when you hit that life segment called retirement. It is almost impossible to not only outlive, but be taxed out of, your retirement set aside dollars if you have done well in real estate and kept your EIUL force fed to the maximum.

The policyowner is protected with minimum guaranteed interest rates in case of stock market losses. That why it won tank. If this sounds a lot like the current government bailout, well, what can I say index used by most insurance companies is the S 500. Today as you probably know, it is tanking and tanking like a rock in water. Theory says if you bought one today, you should be in the cat bird seat because what goes down must go up.

These newly elected politicians have the same thought theology that created the Department of Energy to free us from dependence on foreign oil (that working isn it?) and the Department of Education to make our kids smarter (our students rank in the top 80% of the world, right?). Oh, lest I forget, the war on drugs. That another marvelous program brought to you by the same intellectual thinkers.

A Tax Free Retirement

Something to thing about, right?

Social Security Not Really A Worry

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Nike Tracksuits Girls

Nike Tracksuits Girls

Nike Tracksuits Girls

If this little expose has whetted your apetite for more knowledge, start by searching the Net for more information. Once you think it is right for you, call your insurance agent and ask every question you can think of before plunging head first into these unfamiliar waters.

Back to my tax free retirement. Today, maybe more than ever, people are looking for stock market alternatives, savings flexibility and something that can be used in addition to other plans. I think you probably are nodding your head in total agreement so I move right into this little jewel.

Nike Tracksuits Girls

By the way, you shouldn even have this particular worry about this thing some call a government shell game on your worry list because they are in the proverbial stuck position. If they tell the truth about the zero dollars in the kitty, the current crop of SS payers will revolt immediately if not sooner. And, those folks receiving the Nike Tracksuits Girls checks will start a panic unlike any seen in any country throughout recorded history. Basically, they have to keep up the charade and send out the checks. Hence, no worries.

This creature called an EIUL has the ability to receive index linked gains. In years in which the index does well, interest crediting rates will rise, and in years in which the index performs poorly, interest crediting will fall but without a loss to your principal. Stated another way, when the linked index rises so does your cash accumulation. On the other hand when the index tanks, the capital tied to the index component doesn take a hit.

Nike Tracksuits Girls

Nike Tracksuits Girls

Nike Tracksuits Girls

policy comes with two parts. One is a fixed interest rate component while the second part is an indexed account option. Don worry (pun intended), it gets easier as you read the rest of the story.

For everyone who is wondering if social security will be there for them when they retire, quit worrying. It isn there today. The government melded the SS funds into the general account so as to make the deficit look smaller than it really was. I let you guess the name of the president who concocted that slight of hand.

means to you the policy holder is the potential to realize higher upside returns without a total crash on the downside. Therefore, it becomes a very unique and attractive cash accumulation vehicle.

I will skip over the IRS imposed limits on 401ks, IRAs, SEPs, etc since I am writing about an alternative to these plans. I will tell you upfront this strategy comes with associated costs and fees. I can assure you this product is not even a home grown disease.

I bring this to your attention because the new Obama administration is making a lot of noise about the 401ks, IRAs, SEPs and other pension funds you now own. They want to roll all of them into something called a GRA government retirement account.

EIUL is the acronym for equity indexed universal life insurance. It is permanent life insurance offering all the benefits of universal life with accumulation values tied to a stock market index. It is like having had a put option on the housing market at the beginning of 2007 with an expiration date of December 2008.

Tricks And Techniques

My friends, as of this writing if you own the product I am about to explain, you have a tax free retirement vehicle second to none. How you grow it determines how much you have at retirement.

As with all investment vehicles there are tricks and techniques to building cash in a EIUL. I do not intend to explain each and everyone. However, Nike Hoodies Just Do It

Since the IRS does not tax borrowed cash value dollars, I bet you can immediately deduce how you will take your tax free dollars at retirement. Fianlly, remember to keep the policy in force until death. This prevents the nasty tax bug from sneaking in the back door.

I will tell you the technique of overfunding is popular with a lot of people who buy one. Couple that with selecting an interest strategy and you have one heck of an investment.

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Doesn that sound dandy? Retiring with tax free dollars. Almost reads like a come on from a certain East Coast based investment hustler.

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Nike Tracksuits Girls

Nike Tracksuits Girls

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