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3) The owner had left a big ole 2 in upstairs bathroom.

Doesn work with my current investments but I always thought that if I were to rehab and flip a nice house, I put in a built in cappucino machine. Maybe its just me, but that would definitely get my attention.

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1) The attached garage had been converted to a gigantic living room/man cave with the biggest TV I seen at the time, several couches, a pool table, dart board, foosball table, Nike Long Sleeve Knit Hoodie

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A Urinal

Perhaps install in the garage next to the laser guided double compound mitre saw. I actually bought one of these for my buddy as a wedding gift. Then he moved to NY and he had me store it in my garage. That was five years ago.

It is good to know I not the only who thought about this idea.

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Nike Tracksuits Junior

Nike Tracksuits Junior

for cleanliness, make it shine!

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Anyway, going with all this, who is going to clean it and would you put an ash try next to it with a sign about your butts?

Hmmm? do your parents have a urinal and both of them use it, or did you switch to a fireplace that they both use and a built in cappucino machine, is that next to the urinal? What is cool is Nike Windrunner White And Gold

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and a huge wood burning fireplace. The owner was laying on one of the couches watching a football game during our showing! :)

2) On the walls going up the stair way to the 2nd floor they had taken broken glass and embedded them into a Nike Tracksuits Junior layer of mortar in the walls. Bizarre and dangerous!

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Originally posted by Misia Snyder:Unique feature I like to put in a house:a nice fireplace in the master bath.

Like I said, it definately left an impression!

My parents have one, and they live in the desert where you definitely don need it but they use it all the time. awesome feature.

The most unique feature I seen in a house was a bidet in one of the bathrooms, not even in the master bathroom if I remember correctly. Not a nice house, in fact it was a pretty bad neigborhood too.

Vikram/Charles I agree, it actually could work when selling into the right market and it definately would be memorable. Maybe not for all the right reasons. For instance, 10+ yrs ago while my wife and I were shopping for our first home together, we visited a house that had 3 very memorable traits:

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wheelhouse It kind of reassuring for me as well. After years of using public restrooms with urinals, the lightbulb comes on, I never seen one in a home before. No issues about the seat being left up, it all good.

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having a pool table in your master bathroom!

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Don do it. That an extremely taste specific feature, you going to offend 99% of your potential buyers/renters and the 1% that do like it won have any money, credit, rental history, or job to support what you offering.

Do your absolute best to please the girlfriends and wives, they make the decisions. They also typically have a better eye Nike Jacket Windrunner

Mitch, that one got me. Too funny!

If you going to spend extra money make it appeal to everyone. Perhaps granite counters instead of formica, stainless appliances instead of white, upgraded carpet and pad, upgraded fixtures, patio/deck/awning, landscaping, the list goes on and on.

Getting later now, seems things are going down the drain now.

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