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A girl who sent naked pictures of herself to her boyfriend at a sixth form college. He shared them with a few of his closest friends to show off, then one of them posted the pictures online.

Staff at the e safety group of Oldham Nike Tracksuits Kids Safeguarding Children's Board who work across Greater Manchester say on average two schools a week contact them for help with the problem and the number is on the increase.

"It's very difficult for teachers or social workers to deal Nike Dri Fit Long Sleeve

"I didn't think you could do that if you weren't friends with him on Facebook so it is definitely something to think about.

"I think I would be more worried about it if he was younger.

and we recently dealt with our first case of a primary school pupil sexting.

Nike Tracksuits Kids

Nike Tracksuits Kids

A learning mentor at a secondary school who discovered that two young girls had been videoed by older boys performing a sex act on them. The videos were being shared around school.

Nike Tracksuits Kids

a growing threat to children

Emma, who lives with George in Manchester city centre and runs her own PR company, said: "It is definitely worrying that you can find photos of him in just 10 minutes.

There is also concern that younger than ever girls than are sexting with the group recently dealing with its first case of a primary school pupil sending out explicit photos of themselves.

It means prosecutors will now be given better guidance on the effects of stalking on victims and will be able to bring stronger cases against people who harass and try to blackmail people with threats of sharing photos.

Sometimes the girls are persuaded to send pictures by a boyfriend but others do it by choice to attract attention, unaware of the danger they place themselves in.

Nazir Afzal, chief crown prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service in the North West, says the issue of 'sexting' has passed previously passed legislators by.

Nike Tracksuits Kids

A year nine boy who was pushed into the girls' changing room at the end of PE. Some of the other boys photographed it on their phones and put the pictures on Flickr. The pictures show girls who were changing.

Nike Tracksuits Kids

A 16 year old who was seeing a boy for six months, but no one in her family knew. Her sister found out the boy had posted pictures on Facebook of them together, with one showing her partially undressed. The girl was left terrified what her older brother might do if he sees the pictures.

Nike Tracksuits Kids

A girl with learning difficulties who was sexually exploited by youths on her estate who created a Facebook page for her so that she can share pictures with them.

Part of the e safety group's work is to advise and train adults on how to deal with sexting emphasising that it is a personal problem, not purely a technology issue.

They are also keen to emphasise to teenage boys that they have a responsibility not to share photos sent to them as it can have devastating consequences.


with because these pictures can be so explicit that if you searched for it or viewed it, you would be breaking the law."

Nike Tracksuits Kids

A girl who sent her boyfriend Sam an explicit picture of herself. Sam has now put the picture up as his Blackberryprofile allowing anyone he messages to see it.

Nike Tracksuits Kids

However he says new guidance on cyber stalking means the problem should now receive greater attention.

Nike Tracksuits Kids

David Barter, chair of the e safety group, said: "We are dealing with an awful lot of cases of sexting it really is a growth area and something schools have to deal with so much more now. About two schools a week are contacting us at the moment for advice Nike Hoodie Gold

Nike Tracksuits Kids

"Girls can be persuaded to send images to a boyfriend, but others do it out of choice, sending it to a boy they like or just uploading it to Facebook for anyone to see.

Other cases from schools in Greater Manchester over the last 12 months have included:

"There's a lot of pressure for children to go on Facebook, and we have had conversations about what kind of information you should share on those Nike Women's Jacket Running

Mr Afzal said: "Police and prosecutors have begun to work even closer with victims' charities to identify the issues that have previously operated under the radar.

"There's a perception amongst teenagers that it's almost a form of 'safe sex' but they are putting themselves in danger of being targeted by paedophiles. Also, once the image is sent they can never get it back and they have no control over who sees it.

"Now he's 15 I think he is old enough to be on Facebook it's a cheap way for him to keep in touch with friends but if he was younger I would be more worried about it."

Teachers and social workers face an additional hurdle when girls come to them for help because it is technically illegal for them to search for the images.

Nike Tracksuits Kids

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