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On occasion, Hogan is still contacted by the media to give his take on Nike Windrunner Black And Red

If it was during his tenure, the dysfunctional behaviour he believes is taking place would never happen.

"Everybody has an opinion," Hogan says. "And you can't have a bunch of 'yes' men or women on council."

He explains how it appears some councillors "don't co operate to running a progressive community or town council," and some just want to argue.

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Most recently, Hogan acquired the former American military guardhouse in Argentia, and admits he was expecting to put about $10,000 into renovating it.

Besides previously being up front with councillors and other public figures, Hogan has also been an open book to the general public. He believes that should be a given when elected to any form of politics.

While renovations have been steady, he has passed on some of the major responsibilities to his daughter, Pam, who is a former school administrator.

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Some $70,000 later, the small 1,500 square foot building is looking more like an office.

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It's late February, and there's a heavy snowfall blanketing the landscape. As a result, the 76 year old has rearranged his schedule so he can work from home. He has mobility issues, so he stays home in bad weather to avoid the treacherous walking conditions.

"Because I'm close to it and inquire, I find that the mayor (Wayne Power Jr.) is doing a good job," Hogan states. "He has some members who are dysfunctional and disruptive to a smooth, co operative council."

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He has a busy schedule, but Hogan has agreed to his first sit down interview since ending a four decades long political career in September.

is taking place in council meetings.

Hogan had no problem debating both inside the council chamber and in public during his political career.

"I wouldn't tolerate it," he says. "I've ruled people out of order. And it's too bad, you know. What you should have is seven people dedicated to doing something (productive). Seven people to be able to do it and disagree professionally."

"My mother used to tell me, 'if you can't speak good about people, don't speak at all,'" he explains. "Ignore your enemies, and you hurt them more than if you attack them. Not that I didn't attack people; I did. Nike Windrunner All White But it was very much warranted."

"A good liar needs a good memory," he says. "Don't tell lies and you don't need a good memory."

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"I don't believe in the words 'transparency' and 'accountability,'" he states. "They're just catchphrases that sound good to the public.

"My mind is idle every once in a while," Hogan explains. "I scratch my head and think about what I should be doing next."

A new chapter for Placentia's Bill Hogan

"If it's personal, it should be private. But if you're elected and you're dealing with the public and public matters, you should put it all out there. That's not transparency, that's just doing your God damn job."

That's not to say he doesn't appreciate a good debate.

driven past the town hall since the election in September.

After a dedicated stint on the Placentia council, many would be surprised to learn Hogan hasn't Nike Joggers Suit Womens

issues. When he speaks out, he doesn't believe in being dishonest.

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Though he's now on the political sidelines, Hogan has never been shy about voicing his opinion, especially when it relates to his beloved hometown., He has very strong opinions about what Nike Sportswear Windrunner Jacket

"My daughter retired two years ago, so I put her into the company as second in command," Hogan says. "I've been dabbling."

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