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Eighty cars had been taken to impounds by Thursday morning, Houser said.

´╗┐Abandoned cars towed pushed aside

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Many cars simply ran out of gas and were abandoned in the middle of driving lanes. Others had to be abandoned to avoid the freezing cold as night approached Tuesday.

"(On Tuesday), officers were picking up walkers, but there were so many it was difficult," Houser said. Thursday, Houser said county officials decided to pay the cost of towing and impounding cars that had to be moved because of Nike Jacket Pink And White

As of Thursday afternoon, Houser said Cobb Police had moved approximately 91 cars as part of a "vehicle relocation program."

Houser said the towing fee, per a county contract with the tow companies, is about $90 to $100 per car.

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vehicles from the center of the road or intersection to the side of the road or to parking lots.

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Tabbatha Sears, who is one of the owners of Hanson's and has worked for the company for 26 years, said her company has been fielding calls "nonstop" since the storm.

Marietta drivers who have already picked up their vehicles from Marietta wreckers and were charged for the service may be eligible for reimbursement, if they were towed at the request of the Marietta Police Department and not involved in a wreck.

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Westenberger said Kennesaw has not faced this situation in the past, and a clear plan of action needs to be evaluated for the future.

If the car is blocking lanes of the road, the Kennesaw Police are making attempts to reach Nike Windrunner Black And Grey the owner. Then, the vehicles are being towed to the owner's house, at the motorist's expense.

MARIETTA As the big chill gave way to a soggy thaw Thursday afternoon, some cities like Kennesaw began towing cars at the owner's expense.

While the state's effort designated meeting places around the Atlanta perimeter, for Cobb, the effort was tackled one car at a time by the local police and small towing companies.

The stranded motorists included 50 residents, some children, who took shelter at the Cobb Police station in precinct 3, near the Cumberland and Vinings area, said Cobb Police Chief John Houser.

Drivers who retrieve their cars after Thursday afternoon should not be charged if the police asked the company to tow their vehicle, Thompson said.

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Cobb will absorb the cost for vehicles that were declared a hazard by the Cobb Police Department, not other municipalities, Houser said.

"We are only towing cars that are absolutely hazardous," Westenberger said.

Cobb Police, meanwhile, took a less aggressive approach and moved cars to the side of the road on the county's tab. Thursday morning, the Georgia Department of Transportation called in the National Guard and Georgia State Patrol to transport motorists to abandoned vehicles left along Interstates 75 and 285.

By the afternoon, wreckers were mostly being used to "relocate" Nike Hoodie Grey And Black

"Again this is not towing, this is just moving cars that are blocking travel lanes," he said.

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Cobb Police are using several towing companies throughout the county, including Willbur's Garage and Towing off Main Street in Acworth and Hanson's 24 Hour Wrecker Service off Veterans Memorial Highway in Austell.

Kennesaw tows for a charge

"storm related" issues.

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Kennesaw Police Chief Bill Westenberger said the city has not moved abandoned cars that have been left on the sides of roads, not impeding traffic or clean up efforts.

Eligible motorists can submit receipts for reimbursement to Lindsey Thompson, city public information officer. Thompson can be contacted at (770) 794 5509.

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to line up for rides back to their vehicles.

"The volume was so much, we switched over to the relocation program to benefit the residents," he said.

"That is the reason we want their input," Westenberger said.

Officer David Baldwin with Marietta Police said the city did not have one centralized point stranded motorists Nike Tracksuit Burgundy

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