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The Caring Place empathizes with Pinkney and the residents of Cliff Ave., but often can't police what happens off its property. It isn't the only social agency in Maple Ridge's downtown core, but one of more than 20 organizations providing support, from the food bank Nike Hoodie Olive Green

to a drug treatment centre.

She believes the district should be pushing for more affordable housing so people can get off the street.

"The building was a business centre when we moved here," said Pinkney. "It had a fabric shop, a lawyer's office, a medical office. We were put in this situation."

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Nike Windrunner Black Womens

"We are working with bylaws and RCMP to clear up the situation, but a lot of it is out of our control," said Caring Place director Darrell Pilgrim.

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"It's not changed at all," Pinkney said. "They have to come up with a solution."

Pinkney has a thick file detailing all her correspondence with District of Maple Ridge since 2003 and is growing increasingly frustrated with Band Aid solutions that aren't solving the problem. She recently penned a letter to the Salvation Army's head quarters, asking that the Caring Place be Nike Women Jackets

Clients are not allowed to take food off site and Pilgrim added that most of the people who frequent Cliff Ave. are banned from the Caring Place.

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"A majority of the people are dealing with mental health issues, poverty, hunger and a wide range of disorders that unfortunately our city doesn't have the answers for right now," said Pilgrim.

"The unfortunate thing is we serve abut 600 different individuals and we are talking about 20 individuals or less who are causing issues."

numerous people along, but some keep coming back," said bylaws director Liz Holitzki. "It's almost like a revolving door."

Results of the 2014 Metro Vancouver count in March showed 84 homeless in the area, down 38 per cent from 110 in 2011.

A problem since the start

It also urges the district to create a policy that makes affordable housing part of new residential developments.

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Next week, two police officers trained in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design techniques will visit the vacant lot on Cliff Ave. to develop a solution.

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"a better corporate citizen."

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Nike Windrunner Black Womens

"We are doing our best to move them and we have moved Nike Sweatshirt Black

People who work with the poor and homeless say there have been successes in the past three years.

Tackling the problem isn't simple, either.

The housing planning table's "End Homelessness Action Plan" recommends the Nike Windrunner Black Womens creation of 15 to 20 units of low barrier affordable housing for the hard to house homeless population.

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Nike Windrunner Black Womens

After rising steadily since 2005, the number of people living on the streets in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows dropped for the first time this year.

The district, meanwhile, assures downtown businesses and residents that staff are tackling the homeless problem.

As co chair of the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Katzie Housing Planning Table, Pilgrim believes affordable or subsidized housing is a solution to the homeless problem.

Nike Windrunner Black Womens

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