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The principal solution offered to date has been the Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

He has no intention of slowing down despite his 63 years but is quick to pay tribute to the talented team' he has gathered around himself who he knows he can rely on.

pre payment card which can be used at 28 million locations worldwide.

"If they have any spare cash then they can also put that onto the card to be spent we also provide free purchase payment protection.

He is at the helm of Hodgsons Chartered Accountants

Nike Windrunner For Kids

Nike Windrunner For Kids

David adds that this opportunity to make a difference' to the lives of others is the reason why he remains as passionate about his job now as he was when he first embarked on his career 39 years ago.

the family home.

Nike Windrunner For Kids

, based in Timperley, as well as the ClearDebt Group,

"Since this card was launched six weeks ago, we've been incredibly impressed by how successful Nike Windrunner Gray And Black

which he launched in 2004.

"This also enables users to keep a very close eye on their expenditure by having cash paid directly onto the card each month from their employer or via a bank transfer.

Nike Windrunner For Kids

IVAs were introduced by the government to assist debtors and they result in the creditor benefiting from a higher return than if the debtor filed for bankruptcy.

in an increased amount of business for us.

"We've also recently launched a product called the ClearCash

ClearDebt advises consumers who are finding it difficult to repay their debts as they fall due.

Nike Windrunner For Kids

Nike Windrunner For Kids

"The aim of all that we do is to make a real difference to people's lives and to ensure that they don't do it again we want people to be in a position where they can go forward with a debt free life."

Nike Windrunner For Kids

Nike Windrunner For Kids

"And they can also check their balance on it before they get to the check out to ensure that they have sufficient finds on it.

"It seemed like a massive upheaval at the time," David recalls.

So, does David think that the financial position will get worse? He said: "During my career, I've been through two previous recessions the first in 1973, the second in 1989 and now this one.

"I think history will show this has been the worst since the 1930s and it has not been helped by the fact that there has not been any money in reserve to help fund our way out of it.

"We are Nike Windrunner For Kids able to keep the cost of our products low because we make good use of technological advancements to also keep our costs down.

it has proved to be and we've had a lot of take ups.

"It was at that point that I realised that it was possible to help people and families that had found themselves in financial difficulties and the course of my future career was set."

A hard lesson on fighting back from bankruptcy

For a start, he was immediately taken out of the boarding school he had been attending in Lancashire and sent to Manchester Jewish Grammar School, in Bury, which was closer to Nike Crop Top Black

"One of the beauties of the card is that it also allows users to start building up their credit rating for the future.

Nike Windrunner For Kids

David said: "The country's current economic situation has definitely resulted Nike Hoodie Female

In 2007, David's ClearDebt Group also snapped up Abacus (Financial Consultants) for 1.2m which specialises in Debt Management Plans (DMPs). These result in the firm's negotiators talking to creditors to change their debt repayment terms.

Today, David is regarded as one of Britain's leading chartered accountants and insolvency practitioners.

Nike Windrunner For Kids

Nike Windrunner For Kids

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