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Even though Kelly stays at home to care for Brianne, a care worker is present at all times. Brianne requires constant attention while she feeds at night to prevent her from vomiting and choking on the food pumped directly into her stomach. Should Brianne have a seizure, it takes two people to hold her down Nike Running Jacket Dri Fit

Previously, her care was funded through the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

In her bedroom, a special hoist enables her to pull herself out of bed, and with help, into a custom bathtub.

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"I've been very fortunate to be able to provide for my family," says Bill, who runs a custom stainless steel shop in Port Coquitlam. That allows Kelly to stay at home and care not only for Brianne, but for their 16 year old son, who is autistic and has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Both he and his wife have been exasperated by the process, the constant meetings, emails, negotiations, the uncertainty.

so she doesn't hurt herself. In a typical month she may have 100 to 200 such episodes.

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The Nagys have designed their home to accommodate Brianne. The hallways are wide, providing easy access for her wheelchair. Even the couches in the living room split apart, so Brianne can sit with the family in her wheelchair while they watch Disney movies Brianne's favourite.

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Nike Windrunner Khaki

receives one day prior to their 19th birthday, however, doesn't seem to be taken into account, says Bill, and that shouldn't change just because another ministry takes over.

CLBC currently supports over 13,400 people with developmental disabilities across the province, with an annual budget of more than $700 million, and those numbers are climbing year after year.

The Nagys were told Brianne's care was be too expensive to continue funding. What the government agencies offered instead didn't come close to what is needed to care for their daughter, the Nagys believe.

"We just want things to stay the way they are," says Bill. "Brianne may be 19, but she's still very much a child. We don't see why they have to turn our lives upside down."

For the past dozen years, the family has lived this way. It may not be normal, but it has been stable, and that has been enough.

"All of the health system has financial pressure," Stanger says. "The home health portfolio also serves seniors, community home support, and people with brain injuries. We have to balance all those needs with the funding we get from the province.

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"Fairness and consistent decision making are important to CLBC so that we can ensure equity in support services across the province."Meanwhile, personal home health care is provided by Fraser Health.

The worst thing Brianne Nagy could have ever done is turn 19.

she receives around the clock care, four days a week, surrounded by the other residents she has known and lived with for years.

The care an individual Nike Windrunner Women's Black And White

A struggle for health care

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The rest of the week, she is at home with her family. She sleeps in a specially designed $15,000 bed, close to her parents and her sister and brother.

Brianne, or "Breezy" to her parents, Bill and Kelly, suffers from a rare neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome. She weighs just 90 pounds and is confined to a wheelchair. She last ate solid food when she was 18 months old, and is fed through a tube directly into her stomach as she sleeps. She suffers seizures that come without warning, and despite her small frame, she can pose a serious risk to Nike Windrunner Khaki herself and others.

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"As the demand for CLBC supports and services continues to increase, we must effectively manage our resources to ensure we can support more individuals and families each year," a CLBC spokesperson said.

"We were in total shock," says Bill Nagy. "She has to be monitored like a new born. It would break us as a family."

Since she was a child, Brianne has split her time between her parents' Maple Ridge home and Fletcher House, a residential care home operated by Arcus Community Resources. At Fletcher House, Nike Sb Pullover Hoodie

"If I had to stop working, it would bankrupt us," Bill says. "We would have to give her up."

The first offer from CLBC and Fraser Health was for 23 hours of community inclusion, which would see Brianne take supervised outings in place of going to school, and 26 hours per week for personal care, with no respite care. The other 119 hours a week, the Nagys would have to care for Brianne on their own.

"Breezy is a two man job," says Kelly. "One person can't look after her by themselves."

Since Brianne needs two people present at all times should she suffer a seizure, Bill says he would have to quit his job and stay home with Brianne.

That changed on Brianne's birthday this past summer.

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Nike Windrunner Khaki

"The transition has been hell," says Kelly. "All we want is the same care she's always had. It's not like her condition changed the day she turned 19. She's still the same Breezy."

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