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Nike Windrunner Suit

This is in response to the anonymous post dated Sept. 06 at 08:57AM.

Allen is not listed as being in custody at the Cobb County Jail.

MARIETTA Police say a mother got something that wasn't on the menu when she went to a Marietta McDonald's: a slap in the face for bringing her service dog into the restaurant. on July 12, police said. As she and her children were finishing eating, Tiffany Denise Allen, an off duty manager, Nike Tracksuits Blue

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Unfortunately, the disabled are discriminated against on a daily basis. I have a service dog for seizure alert. Because I don't LOOK disabled, people don't understand why I a service dog. For the most part, people assume that I am training my service dog; however, I have been asked to leave a couple of places which is against Federal and various state laws. Unfortunately, Georgia is not the only state which has discrimination problems. I have been to Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida with my service dog and faced some degree of discrimination in each state; however, the worst instances of occurred in Georgia. During a stop at a Georgia gas station, the manager began screaming at me because I had a dog in the food aisle. I tried explaining that the dog was a service animal, showed him that she was wearing her service vest and that per Federal and Georgia law, I was allowed to be in there. He didn't care what I had to say and kept yelling at me to get my dog out of the food aisle. Hopefully, the complaint I filed with the Federal Department of Justice will go far to vindicate me.

During this time, Schwenker lost track of one of her children and ran outside to look for him, throwing her cup down as she ran. Believing that Schwenker had thrown the cup at her, Allen charged after her and hit her in the face, according to a warrant for Allen's arrest.

Nike Windrunner Suit

Nike Windrunner Suit

Allen has been charged with simple assault fear, battery and disorderly conduct, all misdemeanors.

This manager needs to familarize herself with the Americans with Disability Act. Service animals are allowed into public facilities. Look on any MCDonald's sign, it says service animals welcome. This manager needs to be terminated immediately, and not only charged with harassment, but I hope this mother sues her and McDonalds for violating her civil rights. Shame on you! I hope in the future McDonald's makes sure their management is familar with ADA whether or not they are on the clock. They are on McDonald's property and a representative of the company. Enough said. It's too bad that these children had to witness such inappropriate social skills.

Nike Windrunner Suit

employees holding Allen back, but did not capture the alleged slap, the warrant says.

real Big Mac attack Police say McDonald's manager slaps woman for bringing service dog in

Surveillance video inside the restaurant shows Nike Hoodie Retro

This person's post illustrates the exact point that I am trying to make. Once a child or adult receives a service dog, that dog accompanies the recipient everywhere, even if the recipient is accompanied by another family member. For example, my service dog can detect a seizure before it happens. If I were to go to McDonald's without my service dog because my husband went with me, my husband is unable to detect a seizure beforehand whereas my service dog Nike Windrunner Suit can. Service dogs are NOT pets and are NOT substitutes for a family member or babysitter! Service animals are protected by both Federal and each individual state's laws; therefore, they are to accompany their recipient to any PUBLIC place, even restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, etc.

Nike Windrunner Suit

Nike Windrunner Suit

Nike Windrunner Suit

became irate that the dog was in the eatery and confronted Schwenker, according to police. Schwenker explained the dog was a service animal, but Allen continued to harass Schwenker, going so far as to follow her into the restroom, police said.

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Nike Windrunner Suit

Nike Windrunner Suit

1. Service dogs DO NOT have to have tags or identification stating that they are service dogs.

I'm an africian american who is very upset with this matter. First of all this could have been handled a different way. I'm the off duty manager, it's not my business what goes on in the resturant when I'm off. If I felt compelled to check this out I would have consulted with the ON DUTY manager first before saying anything. Second if mom states the dog was a service dog, who am I to say other wise. My heart goes out to the little boys who had to witness this and hope mom is ok. I will be glad when we can get back to being compasionate for our fellow man and treat others as we want to be treated. I promise it will not kill you if try to get alone with each other, because at the end of the day no matter what color the skin we all bleed the same color blood RED.

Nike Windrunner Suit

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