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"The increase of calls the partnership has brought about has not had any bearing on ACUPD's ability to serve ACU," said Ellison. "Our top priority continues to be to serve and protect our students, faculty, staff and campus visitors."

And what can the community expect in the future from the ACU Police Department? This spring, ACUPD will begin acquiring several pieces of state of the art police radio equipment. This new equipment will provide full communications access with all local emergency response agencies in Taylor County, and allowing ACUPD to fully communicate and interface with these entities in the event Nike Jacket Womens Fleece

The number of incoming calls to ACUPD since the boundary expansion has increased significantly. In 2006, the department handled or assisted APD with more than 200 calls in the area.

Ellison immediately began to put a plan into action. The first phase was to transition the existing staff from a mixture Nike Windrunner Women's Jacket of security guards and police officers, into a staff comprised of only Texas certified Peace Officers. This step was completed in 2002.

major incidents or disasters in the area, said Ellison.

Nike Windrunner Women's Jacket

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a faded blue Chevy, a mixture of police officers and security guards and big aspirations. Through the efforts of the ACU administration and Ellison, ACU now has a top notch police force available to serve and protect the university, as well as the surrounding areas.

In recent months, ACUPD has continued to strengthen its relationship with the Abilene Police Department (APD). In March 2005, the ACUPD entered into an adjunct partnership with APD that expanded ACUPD's jurisdiction boundaries, and broadened the range of services the department can now provide.

´╗┐Abilene and ACU communites continue to reap benefits from evolving ACU Police Department

The acquisition of four SUV police cruisers over the last several years has also been instrumental in increasing ACUPD's visibility within the community. These vehicles are fully marked and equipped with police radios, speed radar and push bumpers.

When ACU Police Chief Jimmy Ellison took over the ACU Police Department (ACUPD) in 2001, the department consisted of Nike Coat Junior

"Several years ago, ACU recognized the need to improve the quality of police services provided to the campus and community," said Ellison. "With the world changing, an increasing number of colleges and universities were transitioning into full service police departments that were actively involved on campus, in the university neighborhoods and with local police agencies."

Nike Windrunner Women's Jacket

Nike Windrunner Women's Jacket

Nike Windrunner Women's Jacket

"Being a police officer is difficult, and providing professional police services in a campus environment presents its own set of challenges," said Ellison. "Each of our officers understands this balance, and enjoys the reward that comes with providing these services to Christian leaders of tomorrow."

"Restrictive boundaries were becoming a hindrance," said Ellison. "These jurisdiction restrictions created potential problems when patrolling and responding to crime. It wasn't practical anymore."

Nike Windrunner Women's Jacket

Nike Windrunner Women's Jacket

The ACU Police Department is now a full service campus law enforcement agency with 10 certified police officers operating under the licensing standards set by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. ACUPD operates 24 hour a day, seven days a week, year round.

Nike Windrunner Women's Jacket

In July 2002, the department moved from its cramped facility within the campus interior, to a 2,200 square foot building located on Campus Court. The move provided a more visible and prominent location, as well as much needed space for a lobby, conference room, locker room, individual offices and kitchen facilities.

Nike Windrunner Women's Jacket

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