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"Bernice takes notes on what the clients say is true and relevant so we can measure my results. If I was getting less, then I would know I was wrong and would stop being a medium."

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The woman broke down later and told a friend about Dunstan's abuse and her friend then revealed she had also suffered at his hands.

Patrick rates his accuracy as between 80 95%.

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"But now I've come to realise there's so much more positive than negative. Usually the spirits I encounter want to send messages to their loved ones and reassure them."

They both made complaints to the police, and in June, 61 year old Dunstan was jailed for five years. Although Patrick was a witness in court, West Yorkshire Police confirmed he gave them a statement.

by a spirit man who told me all about myself and things about Bernice's mother, who died when she was ten. She checked the facts out with her relatives and found out they were true."

anything about that before,' but he got in touch afterwards to say he'd checked up with his family and it was true."

"When I'm not working I try not to think about the messages I'm getting from the spirit world, otherwise it would drive me insane; I don't want to know everything about everyone," he said.

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the 46 year old's supernatural ability is a powerful tool, used to great effect recently when it led to the conviction of a paedophile.

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"In the 1990s, I was dragged along by Bernice to a medium demonstration. He gave me a strange message; that I would be doing the same work as him within a few years. I laughed and thought, 'no chance'.

"The guy said, 'I've not heard Nike Windrunner Women's Red

"I had several messages of support from spirits of family members, then his great great grandfather came through, claiming he'd been awarded the VC at Rorke's Drift in 1879.

From then on, Patrick honed his skills and started attending Spiritualist Churches. He is currently a member at Beeston Spiritualist Church.

But Patrick and his family wife Bernice, 54, daughter Samantha, 20, and son Jason, 16, (a budding medium himself) needed no such proof.

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Patrick, of Lynmouth Crescent, Bobbers Mill, said: "A man was at one of my demonstrations who'd been wondering about joining the Army.

The family, who travel together to most of Patrick's demonstrations, can name countless examples of former sceptics who have broken down in tears and thanked Patrick for a relevant message. And doubters, who have been along to his pub shows 'just for a laugh', regularly contact him afterwards to acknowledge that details he revealed have since been confirmed by other relatives.

"But the Tracksuit Nike Sale following Sunday morning I was woken Nike Jackets Brown

Talking about his psychic power, he said: "At first it was overwhelming. It is amazing how much negative stuff is going on. There's a lot of violence, drugs, abuse and prostitution around that I am aware of because of my abilities, and at first I found it depressing.

Terrance Dunstan, of Morley in Leeds, had abused three girls between 1997 2001, but was only uncovered after Patrick took a bold chance on telling a woman at one of his readings that her dead grandmother was urging her to speak out about the sexual abuse she had suffered as a girl 'by a man who lived not far away from you'.

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HE claims to be able to hear your dead relatives and could reveal your innermost secrets. But if you met psychic Patrick Hutchinson in the street, he would probably choose to ignore your 'baggage' and treat you just like anyone else.

"I was born a medium," he said. "As a child I could see and hear things other people couldn't. It frightened me, so I subconsciously blocked it out.

But when he's 'switched on', Nike Hoodie Navy Blue

Despite feeling uncomfortable about the deeply personal information, at the urging of the grandmother's spirit Patrick added that someone else had been affected by the abuse too.

A psychic from Bobbers Mill in Nottingham made headlines when he helped bring a paedophile from Leeds

His role in bringing Dunstan to justice made news around the world and outwardly seemed to prove his credentials.

The straight talking former body builder was a landscape gardener before becoming a full time medium in 2001, doing private readings and demonstrations at pubs and clubs across the UK.

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